It's the year 2006. Blogging is fairly new and taking off. A friend of mine tells me that she just created her own blog. I ask her ,"Why!" She says, "so that you can share your thoughts with the world." Share my thoughts with the world, I wonder (insert quizzical expression here). I probe a little deeper and ask her, "So you mean like a personal diary (journal), but online?" She says, "ya something like that." I think to myself why in the world would I ever want to share my personal diary with the world. That's crazy!!! My personal diary has personal information; keyword here - personal.
Fast forward to 2014...Blogging is definitely popular now. In fact blogging is just one of the tiny pieces of the plethora of global social sharing platforms. Blogging is now perceived very differently and is used as a medium to share your skills and passion with the world. Everyone and I mean everyone around has some form of real-estate in the virtual world. Even the kid next door who can barely spell, walk and write has a facebook account. Woah what just happened here. At this point I figured I might be missing something here. So I decided to speak to a few people who have been seriously blogging for years now. "Do I need a blog ? Is there any other way of sharing my art and creativity with the universe?" Their answer "YES, YOU NEED A BLOG! It's the best platform to share your creative gift with the world." Ok fine I thought to myself meekly.
2 more years fly by. It's 2016 now. I am still dabbling with the idea of whether or not I should start a blog. I think about all the logistics - what would I write about; but I want to draw - not write, will I have time, what platform will I use, what if it is not good enough, what should I name my blog, blah blah blah blah. For months I had these thoughts gnawing inside my head. After half the year went by I suddenly realized that this is it! It's been a decade since I have been thinking of this. A WHOLE FREAKIN' DECADE!!! If I don't do this now then I will probably never do it. And if I don't do it I will not be able to share the gift of creativity with the universe.
That's it! I am going to do it NOW, RIGHT NOW. I will figure it out along the way. Rome wasn't built in a day; then why in the world was I so terrified to have it all perfect this very moment. I decided to just take the 1st step and not think of the gazillion things that I needed to do. One baby step at a time. And thus I silenced my inner critics and decided to embark on this blogo-venture. Domain - check, Hosting provider - Check, Positive attitude - CHECK, Enthusiasm - DOUBLE CHECK, Life jacket - Ummmm .... I don't have to it all in 1 day!
So here I am Only a Decade Late sharing my story with you and super-thrilled about it! Come join me on this blogo-venture as I take you through the alleys of craft, lanes of art and highways of creativity. We will color, craft and be creative together. Enter your email and click on the button below this post to join this creative blogo-venture journey with me! There'll be loadsa goodies and lots of awesome surprises along the way. You ask what! Well, you have to sign up to find out. I promise we'll have a tonne of fun together!
Here's a little glimpse of how things came about together and some behind the scenes of OADL development and design.
<img class="oadl_pinit" src="" alt="oadlProcessMix" width="1024" height="1024" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-553" />
<img class="oadl_pinit" src="" alt="oadlProcess3" width="1024" height="1024" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-551" />
<img class="oadl_pinit" src="" alt="oadlProcess2" width="1024" height="1024" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-550" />
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